What is temi?

temi is the world’s first personal robot that delivers ground-breaking engagement solutions for your family’s personal needs. With its proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technology, make temi your family’s personal assistant.

While a smart phone can keep you connected with your loved ones, temi will keep you present!

Now temi robot is available for purchase or lease in Canada!

It's Time to Meet temi!

temi is the first personal robot that will truly interact with you, and your loved ones. Ask us how you can experience its flawless autonomous navigation, advanced AI and its dynamic audio/video experiences.

Discover what temi can do for you in the video below - 


Customize temi for your needs. With an extensive app collection, temi delivers endless possibilities for education, health care, entertainment and much more.


 temi on google play temi on google play

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Design is how it works״

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